Discover DroneSafeBox

Revolutionary technology for deploying, recovering, and recharging your UAVs.

Start optimizing your operations now by reducing costs and response times with our unique drone-in-a-box solution.

Is DroneSafeBox for you? Get our full technical specs now and find out!

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    ¿What is DroneSafeBox?

    DroneSafeBox is an innovative technology that facilitates remotely controlled or auotomated UAV operations

    A smart combination of Hardware & Software

    Our innovative turnkey solution consists of a smart combination of hardware and software for remotely controlled operations that can be used in a wide range of applications.

    A solution packed with cost-saving features

    DroneSafeBox is turnkey solution that will save you time, reduce your operational costs and help speed up your response times.

    Automatic battery charging

    Remote control App with UTM integration and telemetry

    Real-time video streaming

    Precision landing assistant, using machine vision, without GPS

    Robotic system for millimetric positioning

    Start optimizing your operational costs today with DroneSafeBox

    A whole range of applications

    DroneSafeBox is the perfect solution for optimizing UAV operations that require no human intervention, thus reducing operating costs, response times.

    Here are some of the use cases:

    Perimeter or maritime surveillance

    Search & rescue operations

    Fire control & prevention

    Construction site monitoring

    Solar farms

    Port Operators

    Railway infraestructures


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