Discover DroneSafeBox

Revolutionary technology for deploying, recovering, and recharging your UAVs.

Start optimizing your operations now by reducing costs and response times with our unique drone-in-a-box solution.

Is DroneSafeBox for me? Get our complete technical specifications now and find out!

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    What is DroneSafeBox?

    DroneSafeBox® is an innovative technology that facilitates operations of automated or remotely controlled UAVs.

    An Intelligent Combination of Hardware & Software

    Our innovative solution is a “turn-key” system, combining DroneSafeBox with our ITG Merlo drone.

    A complete solution that will save you costs.

    DroneSafeBox® is a turn-key solution that will save you time, reduce your operational costs, and help you to decrease your response times.

    Automatic battery charging

    Remote control app with UTM integration and telemetry

    Real-time streaming

    Precision landing assistant without GPS

    Millimetric positioning robotic system

    Start optimizing your operational costs now with DroneSafeBox


    DroneSafeBox® is a perfect solution to optimize UAV operations that do not require human intervention, thereby reducing operational costs and response times.

    Some of its use cases::

    Maritime surveillance

    Search & Rescue Operations

    Fire Prevention

    Construction site monitoring

    Solar Farms

    Port Operators

    Railway Infrastructure


    Flight performance

    MTOW: 4.2 kg (including batteries and pay-as-you-go charges).


    • Maximum weight of the payload: 1 kg
    • Flight time with dual camera ≥ 45 minutes
    • Wind Resistance Level. Force 5 (13 m/s).
    • Reach: 10 km
    • Speed:
      • 10~35 km/hour (usual)
      • 65 km/hour (max)


    • 470 mm high and 520 mm wide/long (excluding propellers).
    • Frame size with rotor blades: 690 mm


    • Capacity: 16000 mAh
    • Discharge rate (C): 30C
    • Voltage: 4S (14.8V)
    • Charging time: 60 minutes. Can be reduced by adjusting the BMS
    • Power system: T-Motor system

    Flight Control: PIX / A3 / Mavlink compatibility.

    Camera performance

    Camera Vision Configuration I

    • Visible 400-700 nm
    • Resolution: 1280×720
    • Zoom: x20 + x2 digital, (total x40) continuous zoom
    • HFOV: 60° WFOV – 3° NFOV – 1.5° DFOV

    Camera Vision Configuration II

    • Visible 400-700 nm
    • Resolution: 1920 x 1080
    • Zoom: x13 + x2 digital, (total x26) continuous zoom
    • HFOV: 60° WFOV – 4.5° NFOV – 2.2° DFOV

    Thermal camera

    • LWIR without refrigeration (8-12mm)
    • Resolution: 640 x 480
    • Zoom: x4 continuous digital zoom
    • HFOV: 32° W.FOV – 8° DFOV

    Rotation range

    • PITCH: -45° a +135°
    • YAW/ROLL: -165° a +165°
    Stabilisation level Better (less) than 70µrad
    Angular velocity Up to 105°/second
    Energy consumption 3.5 watts (medium) / 6 watts (maximum)
    Dimensions LxWxH = 40 mm x 40 mm x 65mm
    Weight 115 grams
    Temperature -20°C [-4°F] a +55°C [+131°F]