We are specialists in the use of drones and provide technology, experience, and knowledge to drone operators, pilots, organizations, and companies.

We drive the regulation of the sector

With the extensive experience of the drone team at the Galician Technological Institute, ITG Drone Solutions is part of international working groups for the development of the regulatory framework that enables the integration of drones into urban airspace. Additionally, ITG has a privileged position in the state of the art and a solid vision of the sector’s challenges.

Consultancy for customized solutions

We offer a comprehensive and multidisciplinary analysis of your needs to help you choose the best solution according to your requirements We have extensive experience in projects from various sectors such as security, transportation, data analysis, and aquaculture. Tell us what you need and we can assist you in deciding the most suitable solution for your interests.

Regulatory consulting

Our team of experts provides consulting on regulations in each country and supports the processes of application, registration, and approval for UAV operations If you want to know all the requirements and needs that may affect you, do not hesitate to contact us.